County Cork is in the southern province of Munster.

Cork is  the largest county in Ireland.

Cork City is the largest city in the county.
Other towns include:
Douglas,  Mallow, Carrigaline,  Ballincollig and  Glanmire

Cork played a prominent role in the Irish War of Independence (1919–1921) and followed  as an anti-treaty stronghold during the Irish Civil War (1922–23)

There was a lot  of guerrilla activity during the Irish War of Independence (1919–1921), three brigades  of the Irish Republican Army were located in Cork.
Prominent actions included the Kilmichael Ambush in November 1920 and the Crossbarry Ambush in March 1921.

The activity of IRA flying columns, like the one led by Tom Barry in west Cork, was featured in the  film “The Wind That Shakes The Barley”.

During the Irish Civil War (1922–23), most of the IRA units in the county were against the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

Michael Collins, a key figure in the War of Independence, was born in Cork and assassinated during the civil war in Béal na Bláth  in West Cork.

Cobh is the  the port where many Irish emigrants boarded for their voyage to various and sundry destinations around the world including America.
It was the last stop of the Titanic before crossing the Atlantic on it’s ill fated journey.

West Cork is noted for its rugged natural beauty, fine beaches and is a popular tourist area.
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