County Limerick is in the southern province of Munster.
Limerick City is the third largest city in the Republic of Ireland and the main city in County Limerick.

The River Shannon flows through the city of Limerick and into the Atlantic Ocean at the north of the county, at this point it is known as the Shannon Estuary.

Because the estuary is shallow, the county’s most important port is outside  of Limerick city at Foynes.

Newcastle West is the most important county town next toLimerick city.

The Vikings in the 9th century established the city on an island on the River Shannon in 922.

The invasion of the forces of Oliver Cromwell in the 1650s included a twelve month siege of the city.

Limerick saw much fighting during the War of Independence of 1919 to 1921 particularly in the east of the county.

Later the Irish Civil War saw bitter fighting between the newly established Irish Free State soldiers and IRA Irregulars.

The land consist mostly of a fertile limestone plain ringed by mountains on its borders, the Slieve Felims,  Galtees  and  Ballyhoura Mountains.

The eastern part of the county is the heartland of the Golden Vale, the richarea famous for  dairy produce.

The Shannon Estuary forms the northern boundary of the county, giving Limerick a navigable outlet to the sea, the principal ports being Limerick and Foynes

Limerick has three railway lines passing through, Ballybrophy line leading to North Tipperary through Nenagh and Roscrea
Ennis line through County Clare and Limerick Junction line which is the busiest line, connecting Limerick to the Cork-Dublin line.

The N7 is the main road linking Limerick with Dublin.

The N20 connects the county with Cork. The county’s regional/national bus hub is located beside Limerick City train station.

No commercial airports are situated in County Limerick and the region’s needs are serviced from Shannon Airport in County Clare, only 20 minutes by road.
Some in the south of the county may also use Kerry Airport and Cork Airport is also within 1 hour’s drive.
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